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  • Breakti

    What is Breakti? (more info on my website) - and introducing Breakti Mat Flow…  a mat-based flow with elements of Breakti woven through a dynamic and intelligent vinyasa flow!

    Mission: Breakti aligns the nuance, wisdom in detail, and philosophy of asana with the inherent dynamism, wisdom in rhythm, and celebration in the music and movement surrounding street dance culture.  By linking yoga and street dance on a physical, intellectual and spiritual level, Breakti creates a bridge between the two vernaculars, allowing crossover between the gross and subtle, the popular and underground, the physical and the spiritual.  Breakti opens a gateway into the vocabularies of asana, movement, and rhythm for all people of all walks of life by creating connections and highlighting those qualities in movement and musical expression that unite us all.  

    What to expect in class:

    • Warm up with yoga and specific alignment instruction for getting comfortable on the hands, arm balances, accessing the core, transitions between poses, and more.
    • We take the yoga mats away and continue with more dynamic movements, drills, transitions and dance moves that relate to the yoga, all to a soundtrack of hip hop, funk, soul and more.
    • No experience necessary. At all. Just an open mind and a willingness to play!

    Upcoming Dates: on my WEBSITE

    For more info, bookings, etc.  Contact Anya Porter at ap@anyaporter.com or 215.715.2125